Since 1987, Eastern Sky Media Services has been producing best-selling language programs for the nation’s leading publishing companies. From script to final master, we offer complete turnkey audio production services for all levels of English and World Languages, PreK to College. With over 35 years of experience, our skillfully honed production process ensures your project is delivered on time and on budget. After completing your project, we will maintain a digital back-up for easy recall and revision years after the initial production.

We specialize in:

English & World Language Programs

Over the years we’ve produced thousands of hours of audio programming, including ESOL programs, Foreign Language programs (Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Japanese), as well as English language curriculum (Language Arts, Science, Math, etc.), audiobooks and files for internet delivery (in any Codec). We’ve mastered the process of producing long-form audio programs accurately and on-time. We routinely produce over 150 finished hours of complex programming per year.

Educational Music

We’ve been writing, producing, and recording music since 1980. We are well-versed in several musical genres and our broad talent pool of musicians in Orlando is second to none. We’ve produced hundreds of original pieces of music for a multitude of publishing programs including preschool, teens, and adults. If you have songs, chants or lyrics, we can craft a song for you. (samples below)

Exceptional Talent

Orlando’s talent base is rarely surpassed. With Disney, Universal and other area theme parks, vibrant international communities, multiple acting/performing schools, numerous theater groups, a world-class university and many colleges with performing arts or acting programs, the city draws native-speaking professionals of all languages. We regularly produce in English, Spanish, Italian, French and other languages. Children’s voices are a specialty at Eastern Sky. Talented child actors are available for stories, songs and chants from PreK up.

Because of the highly specialized needs of our publishing clients, we maintain an extensive, up-to-date talent roster of child, teen and adult native speakers for each targeted language. Jon Reames actively solicits and auditions new talent keeping our roster current. We frequently travel to Mexico City and Bogotá to record projects requiring a large number of specific accents utilizing the same talent pool used for dubbing Hollywood films for the Spanish market.

Translation Services

We offer translation services for textbooks, workbooks, teacher’s manuals, literature, websites and other materials. Our translations maintain the integrity and accuracy of the original concepts while paying close attention and concern for the cultural impact and awareness of the target audience.

Dialog Replacement

Audio and video programs can also be translated and dubbed into other languages. We pay special attention to word count, timing, and synchronization, ensuring the translation works with the original video timings. All of this culminates in a naturally flowing, easily understood multi-lingual presentation.

Audio Samples

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