Eastern Sky has been in the recording business in one form or another since 1980. In 1990, Eastern Sky Media Services was incorporated and we’ve been producing English and foreign language programs as well as other audio services for publishing, entertainment, and corporate clients ever since.

We began as an analog studio and were fully digital by 1992. In 1994 we added a second Pro Tools studio and a non-linear video editing suite. Rosati Acoustics + Multimedia of Boston was hired in 1996 to design a new studio. In the fall of 1998 it was completed and expanded our capabilities into surround mixing for film and video. In the fall of 2001 we purchased another building in Casselberry where additional studios and offices are now located. We have two well-equipped, professionally designed Pro Tools HD studios, the industry standard. There is a third edit space for overflow periods.

As early adopters of digital technology, we have streamlined our workflow and media management strategies to maximize efficiency. Though Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) are common in all studios today, because of their very design, the workflow of any project is determined by the way the operator approaches the task. This can be an extremely efficient, time saving endeavor when the production team is experienced.

We have developed proprietary techniques from our combined 50 plus years experience in producing publishing content. Since our inception, Eastern Sky has been a leader in long distance production. Realizing that editors are always over-burdened in their workloads, we chose to develop a way to interact with our clients that minimizes the time required from them. First round accuracy is a key component. We get it right from the start. We understand what each publisher’s style requires and the details of each client and project are strictly confidential.


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