Mixing for broadcast, home release, theatrical release or internet streaming is a specialty at Eastern Sky. Our Rosati Acoustic + Multimedia designed studio is optimized for surround mixing and utilizes the latest version of Pro Tools Ultimate HDX insuring smooth collaboration with other studios working on your film. Zoom and Source Connect are available for long distance sessions. After completion, your project is digitally archived future re-mixes or re-purposing.

Other Services:

Sound Design, Foley & Effects

Our studio features variable acoustics with a live, oak-walled area, a stone floor, and carpeted area making it a unique space for custom sound design and foley for television, film, and video. We also have an extensive commercial sound effects collection and Basehead database search engine. Through the years, we’ve also accumulated our own proprietary sound effects library. We also provide location sound services and acquisition (mono to 7.1).


We can compose and produce music for your film utilizing Orlando’s broad talent pool of exceptional musicians. We are well-versed in several musical genres and have an expansive library of royalty-free music available for your project.

ADR, Dialog & Translation

With our extensive foreign language background, your project can be translated and dubbed into multiple languages, paying attention to timing and synchronization, ensuring translations work with the original video timings. Rich, immersive long-form audio programs, such as audiobooks, have been a core specialty at Eastern Sky since 1987.

Films, Television and Exhibits

  • “Best Man”
  • “People Say I’m Crazy”
  • “Best Sister”
  • “Elemental”
  • “Traces” for PBS
  • “The Last Teardrop”
  • “The Confession”
  • “Gimme Green” for Sundance Channel
  • “Susie’s Hope”
  • “The Land of the Mayas”
  • “Angel of Ahlem”
  • “Immortal Revenge”
  • “Releasing Dolphins” for PBS
  • “Superboy” dialog editing
  • “24/7”
  • “The Man Next Door”
  • “My Name is Leila”
  • “Lighthouses of North America”
  • “Firefighters” TV Pilot
  • “America’s Bed and Breakfast” TV Pilot
  • “Who Wants to Marry My Husband?”
  • “Free”
  • “Behind Your Eyes”
  • “Reaction”
  • “Satellites and You” exhibit for Kennedy Space Center

  • “The Penguin Encounter” exhibit for Sea World
  • “Stormstruck” exhibit at Epcot
  • “Gameday” short (film became “Beer League”)
  • “The Last Shot”
  • “Idol Dancer”
  • “Visions of Empire”
  • “Wide Open”
  • “Life With Sirens”
  • “First Letters”
  • “Black to Our Roots”
  • “Out of Hand” promo short
  • “A Sh’mal World”
  • “The St. John’s River”
  • “For Sale By Owner”
  • “How To Do Florida” – TV Pilot and season one
  • “Silver Wings, Flying Dreams” for PBS
  • “Souleaters”
  • “Leo’s Landing” TV Pilot
  • “Kung Fu Pioneer”
  • Countless television spots and infomercial mixes

Our Clients

  • BBC
  • CBN
  • ESPN
  • HBO
  • PBS
  • MTV
  • Pixar
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • McDonalds
  • Burger King
  • Paramount
  • EA Sports
  • Fablevision
  • Sundance Channel
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime
  • Naxos Records
  • Victory Records
  • Voctave
  • Road Runner Records
  • Pluto Records
  • Drive-Thru Records
  • Down In Front Records
  • The Golf Channel
  • Home Shopping Network
  • Digital Domain
  • Matrix Media, Inc.
  • The Film Foundry
  • SideLA
  • PitStop
  • The Lutheran Hour
  • Torinamedia
  • Convergence Films
  • Xperience Media
  • My Media Works
  • The Crawford Group
  • Give Kids The World
  • CreativeSims
  • The Bach Festival Choir and Orchestra
  • Florida Symphony Orchestra
  • Only Child Pictures
  • Apple Jazz Records